If you landed here, looking for mentoring quotes you are likely in need of a confidence boost. Or you’d like to lift someone else’s spirit.

Either way, you came to the right place. We have put together a collection of inspiring mentoring quotes that you can use in a variety of ways both for self-motivation and to motivate those around you.

5 ways to use mentoring quotes

1 Self-motivation

We all go through periods were we could use some help to get us going. Someone to tell us we are doing great. Someone to help us see what we could do to get out of a place where we feel stuck. In cases like this, the obvious answer is Finding a mentor. But besides that, you could pick one or two mentoring quotes that resonate with you, print them and post them where you can read them often. They could become your mantra when you’re feeling a bit down.

2 Create your own mentoring quotes

Inspirational mentoring quotes by Anna Letitia Cook
Who was your favorite mentor?

Most people tend to consume mentoring quotes, women supporting women quotes, self- esteem quotes, and others. But who says you can’t create your own? Use our collection of powerful mentoring quotes as a starting point and modify them to create a new one. Or start from scratch and write something that relates to your own experience as mentor or mentee. Again, print it and post it on your wall so you can refer back to it often.

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3 Collect quotes from your mentors and colleagues

Inspirational mentoring quote by Will Robalino
Mentors get a lot out of the mentoring relationship

This is a great activity to engage those in your work-environment. Ask them to send you one or two mentoring quotes via email. Prepare a document with all the ones you receive and then share it with everyone. You can also insert these quotes in Power Point Presentations, newsletters, your email signature, and so on.

4 Share and discuss internally

Any one of the mentoring quotes included here are perfect icebreakers. Throw one out as you start a meeting and ask the group to offer their own experiences with coaching and mentoring. Or ask for thoughts around the specific quote you shared. Getting people to think frequently about mentoring creates exposure to the word and the concept. Eventually, in a subconscious fashion, people get to see mentors as a basic, positive and powerful resource in everyone’s careers. This, in turn, will make it easier to establish more mentoring relationships within the organization.

Find a mentor online for yourself.

5 Share via social media

Women mentoring each other
What relationship could you build based on the mutual mentoring approach?

What better way to create a culture of mentoring around all of us than sharing these mentoring quotes via social media? So go ahead and share away!

Please, send us your quotes so we can include a few of them the next time we publish a group of the most inspirational mentoring quotes.

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Role model inspirational mentoring quotes by Lily Benjamin.
Let’s all aim for life time learning!
Role model inspirational quote by Mariela Dabbah, Founder, CEO Red Shoe Movement
Did you have role-models growing up? It’s never too late to identify a few for yourself.


Mentoring quote by Oprah Winfrey
Have many mentors through your life!
Mentoring quotes by Marisol Gonzalez
We agree! Mentoring should always be a two-way street!


Mentoring quote by Benjamin Disraeli
Help people see the best in themselves. Great way to mentor them!
Mentoring quote by Phill Collins
Mentoring is always a two-way street relationship


Mentoring quote by Lucia Ballas Traynor
What kind of mentor will you be?


Winston Churchill mentoring quotes
Give more than what you get and you’ll live a rich, fulfilled life.
Mentoring quote by Mariela Dabbah
Impossible is nothing.


Mentoring quote by Lailah Gifty
Are you inspiring great achievements in others?


Finding a mentor inspirational quote by Will Robalino
Most mentors agree that they derive great satisfaction from seeing their mentees’s dreams become realities.
Inspirational mentoring quote by Anna Giraldo Kerr
Have you established a win-win transformative experience with your mentors?


Alejandra Mastrangelo inspirational quote
Mutual mentoring is at the core of the RSM Methodology!


Inspirational mentoring quotes by Mariela Dabbah
It’s always about helping those less experienced than you regardless of age or seniority.


Mentoring quote by Elena Chavez, Latina Audience Strategy, Consumer Reports
Mentors can last a lifetime.

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