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Our deep cultural knowledge plus our years of experience in the field, led to the creation of this Leadership Program—A sustainable turnkey solution that truly resonates with your diverse talent.

The RSM Circles are created with our proprietary methodology to foster self-motivation and mutual support. They establish a community of trust where participants help each other achieve their own career goals. Graduates of this Train the Trainer become wise facilitators able to handle any problematic conversation in the workplace.

The RSM Circles Train the Trainer program is an effective way to accelerate the growth of underrepresented groups by inviting them to take charge of their professional development and offering them opportunities to shine. This training prepares a group of your employees who will then take part of the RSM Circles to facilitate nine sessions specifically structured to discuss issues relevant for women to assume management and leadership positions.

Implement a Turnkey Program to Foster Inclusion in your Organization

During our Mutual Mentoring Circles at the Red Shoe Movement Signature Event,  professionals engage in a collaborative space of learning, empowerment, and vibrant networking.

What is it?

The Train the Trainer session presents the group with the methodology and philosophy of the RSM Circles. It reviews the setup and best practices for managing a group following our methodology. It then moves to the role-play portion of the training.

Each participant receives a Facilitator’s Guide which contains exhaustive information to carry out nine meetings.  We provide nine topics but you can use this methodology to have any kind of conversation needed in your workplace. The RSM Circles can be carried out in person or virtually.

Benefits? This corporate leadership development program generates a psychological safe space which leads to incomparable cohesion among participants allowing them to discuss the most problematic issues. Working together to define individual objectives, sharpen negotiation and networking skills, refine their brands, and so forth, participants become invested in mutual growth. They also become a much more promotable group.

Red Shoe Movement Event

How to set up the RSM Circles at your organization.

You can bring this innovative turnkey methodology to your organization either via a virtual or an in-person training.

What you get with the program

2 Hour-Training

Virtual or In Person Training, participants will learn the philosophy and methodology behind the Mutual Mentoring Circles, and they will practice what they learned in a Role Play.

Facilitator's Guide

Each participant receives a Facilitator’s Guide which contains exhaustive information to host nine meetings. Then, the RSM Circles can be carried out in person or virtually.

Outcomes for Your Organization

  • Empower Your Team to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Improve Workplace Environment
  • Offer a Safe Space to Resolve any Issue

Outcomes for Participants

  • Develop and Practice Leadership Skills
  • Master Effective Facilitation Techniques
  • Build a Supportive Professional Network
  • Accelerate Career Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer your questions about the RSM Circles Train the Trainers

The RSM Circles Train the Trainers program is a leadership development initiative designed to prepare participants to establish and facilitate RSM Circles. These Circles foster an environment of camaraderie focused on mutual support and professional growth, using a proprietary methodology to encourage self-motivation and community trust.

Any organization interested in promoting an honest dialog among its employees where frictions are kept to a minimum, and any misunderstanding is quickly resolved. It’s ideal to create a psychologically safe environment where women can discuss what they need for career success and where they can find mutual support. 

The training consists of a session that introduces the methodology and philosophy of RSM Circles, followed by role-play exercises and discussions. Participants receive a Facilitator’s Guide for conducting nine structured meetings, either in person or virtually, focused on relevant issues for women in leadership.

Participants and their organizations gain from enhanced cohesion and a supportive community focused on mutual career growth. Graduates become skilled facilitators, equipped to handle complex conversations and lead effectively.

Although the Facilitator’s Guide covers nine topics, your organization can create its own list of topics it wishes to address. For example, say you’re going through a reorganization and that’s what’s in your team’s mind. Then, you can create a Circle to cover that topic. The key is to use our methodology to carry out the conversation. 

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