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As the FIRST career and leadership development company focused on diverse women, we have the cultural know-how and expertise to provide them with all the resources and coaching they need to take their careers to the next level. We have a 360º approach that delivers Internal and External Impact. Internal: We help your female talent grow to the next level and your company become a more inclusive workplace. External: With ongoing Cause Marketing initiatives around Gender Equity and Inclusion, we help you strengthen your organization’s DEI credentials in the market place and thus not only attract talent but also turn you into an Employer of Choice. Read more under each one of our External Impact Initiatives.

Cultivating Diverse Female Talent

We are facing strong competition for top talent around the world. And when it comes to multicultural women, organizations may not be addressing appropriately the additional cultural nuances. Making it even more difficult to compete.

We can help you. We will accelerate the career growth of your diverse female employees. And you will confirm what the research shows — the more women in executive positions you have, the higher an organization’s ROI.

Our proprietary methodology was specially designed to amplify your own Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging goals. We have successfully implemented this methodology at companies such as Novartis, Microsoft,  Honeywell, Bridgestone, and many others.

You can enjoy the same outstanding results.

Enhancing Employee Engagement

If you are interested in improving productivity and reducing turnover with better employee engagement and satisfaction, our programs can help.

We offer high performance career and leadership development programs that combine our proven RSM proprietary methodology and cultural know-how.

Designed to support women’s career success via self-motivation and mutual empowerment, our programs offer power skills paired with a strong community that supports your talent’s goals. All while we strengthen your company’s diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging credentials in the marketplace, thus attracting talent to your organization.

  • Improving engagement, reducing turnover.
  • RSM methodology for program success.
  • Empower women's careers effectively.
  • Enhance DEI, attract diverse talent.

Elevate your diverse women leaders. We offer proven career development programs, boosting both talent and diversity credentials. Join industry leaders in achieving excellence. Let’s talk!

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover More: Frequently Asked Questions about Our Unique Diverse Women’s Leadership Development Programs

We combine cultural expertise with a unique 360º approach that provides both internal and external impact. On the one hand, we help your female talent grow while creating a more inclusive culture. On the other,  we foster employee engagement and attract talent to your organization through ongoing communication campaigns around gender equity and inclusion.

Certainly, we’ve successfully implemented our methodology at prominent organizations such as Novartis, Microsoft, Honeywell, Bridgestone, and many others. Let’s set up a call so we can share the details. 

Our programs are designed to empower women through self-motivation and mutual empowerment. We offer power skills development and foster a strong community that supports each individual’s career goals.

We conduct ongoing cause-marketing communication initiatives around gender equity and inclusion. Organizations that take part of these initiatives see a heightened employee engagement while at the same time they solidify their brand as an employer of choice. 

If you’re interested in seeing more women and diverse talent in leadership, reducing turnover, and fostering employee engagement, simply reach out to us. We’re eager to start a conversation and tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

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