Have you observed how much you get noticed when you wear red shoes or accessories? They help you stand out immediately.

That’s exactly the experience reported by people who wear them every Tuesday to work. “I often get approached by associates, colleagues and other executives who wonder what’s up with my weekly fashion statement,” shared Jorge Quezada, Chief People & Culture, Granite Construction who wears his red Vans every week. 

And it’s at that moment when you have a chance to talk about how together we can design a workplace that fosters inclusion.

Since 2012, we’ve been promoting an ongoing weekly conversation with our initiative #RedShoeTuesday.

The red shoes are a symbol, the perfect “excuse” to get people in the office talking about how together we can create a workplace that works for everyone. 

What is #RedShoeTuesday?

Mariela Dabbah – CEO & Founder

It’s a dynamic initiative that operates on two levels:

For individuals, it’s a free, inclusive movement encouraging everyone to wear red shoes and accessories to work every Tuesday. This personal participation symbolizes a commitment to gender inclusion and sparks important conversations about diversity in decision-making.

On a corporate level, it’s a licensed program offering organizations a structured platform to demonstrate their dedication to gender inclusion. Through a license, companies gain access to exclusive benefits such as webinars, dedicated hashtags, and media support, enhancing their visibility and impact in promoting gender equality in the workplace and beyond. This dual approach allows #RedShoeTuesday to blend grassroots individual involvement with formal corporate commitment, creating a comprehensive and impactful campaign for gender inclusion.


Included with the License


Licence #RedShoeTuesday in your organization

Contact us to find out more about licensing #RedShoeTuesday and to explore the various ways in which this powerful initiative can enhance your commitment to inclusion.

2 Webinars a year

By Mariela Dabbah -Founder of the Red Shoe Movement- on topics such as: Executive Presence, Allyship, Building Alliances for career growth, Implicit Power and more.

Category Exclusivity

With category exclusivity for your territory, your organization gains the unique advantage of being the only entity in your area to represent the #RedShoeTuesday initiative for a year.

Dedicated Hashtag

For your organization as part of the #RedShoeTuesday initiative we offer a personalized way to unify and amplify your company's participation and messages on social media, enhancing visibility and engagement around your commitment to gender inclusion.

A digi-pack

With all the sample images and copy to make the process seamless for your organization (including: co branded images for X, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram with sample postings.)

Outcomes for Your Organization

  • Strengthen your DEI credentials.
  • Improved employee engagement and morale.
  • Increased visibility and differentiation in a competitive marketplace.

Outcomes for Participants

  • Ownership of action that fosters gender inclusion.
  • Enhanced sense of belonging to the organization.
  • Enhanced sense of community by supporting a relevant cause.

As you think about formally establishing #RedShoeTuesday across your organization as the day people wear red shoes and accessories to work to show their support for women’s career advancement in your company. Here are some legally binding clauses we would like to establish.

It’s a fun invitation to keep alive the conversation about benefits of more inclusion at the top, as well as a chance to talk about ways to change the organization’s culture together every week, rather than once a year for International Women’s Day. 

It solidifies your reputation as a leader in the space. But it has taken us a long way to keep the RSM on target and avoid misuse of our principles, logos and trademark. We need to be consistent and ensure that all organizations supporting RSM & RST are doing so the right way.

Key Aspects of the #RedShoeTuesday License

Things to know about the #RedShoeTuesday License

  • Distribute RSM Principles and RSM Principles Implementation Guide via Digital File to entire organization
  • Invite your employees and clients to wear red shoes, socks and accessories on Tuesdays 
  • Invite your employees and clients to share pictures on social media using #RedShoeTuesday and another hashtag we will create for your company
  • Incorporate #RedShoeTuesday and the RSM Principles in your communications campaign
  • Actively promote the initiative on social media
  • Be recognized as a leader in gender inclusion
  • Become a role-model organization that inspires others to follow suit
  • Attract female customers as a business that encourages inclusion and empowers women
  • Attract female talent as an inclusive workplace
  • Positively impact local communities to change traditional views
  • Positively impact global consciousness to effect faster change regarding inclusion at the top
  • This agreement allows your organization to conduct a coordinated public social media and traditional media campaign within your territory within the term of this License agreement, talking about your support of #RedShoeTuesday and #RedShoeMovement. The language used in any campaigns must be agreed upon with the Red Shoe Movement. 
  • In addition to your own social media, the RSM will amplify your reach by creating a minimum of 4 Social media postings a month on #RedShoeTuesday highlighting your organization’s support of the campaign and the job your HR is doing
  • Featuring your logo on RSM portal for a year
  • The right to feature our logo, RSM Principles and hashtag on your portal in connection to the #RedShoeTuesday campaign (prior approval by our team to verify alignment) linking back to our portal
  • The right to feature our logo, RSM Principles and hashtag on printed, and audio visual matter, and place of business in connection to the #RedShoeTuesday (prior approval by our team to verify alignment)
  • The right to use #RedShoeTuesday as part of a marketing campaign to attract clients to your business and offer them benefits (prior approval by our team to verify alignment)

#RedShoeTuesday campaign investment: Depending on the territory and scope

This investment includes all items described in section III, IV and V of the license document. For a different territory, for video content or web series or for further amplification of the web series using our Media Partners and PR services, please ask for a quote.

The above investment is for a year-long program. If you want a shorter campaign, minimum a quarter, please let us know.

Should you want to design a specific campaign aligning #RedShoeTuesday to your company needs, please note that they need to be pre-approved by our organization. Red Shoe Movement, #RedShoeTuesday and the 7 RSM principles are all trademarked entities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer your questions about #RedShoeTuesday

The #RedShoeTuesday initiative is a global initiative that encourages individuals to wear red shoes or accessories every Tuesday to work. The  aim is to foster conversations about gender inclusion and diversity in the workplace, using the red shoes as an excuse to keep up the conversation every week.

Wearing red shoes or accessories serves as a visual symbol and conversation starter about gender inclusion. It creates opportunities for dialogue and awareness about the importance of gender diversity and inclusion in decision-making at all levels.

Absolutely! The #RedShoeTuesday initiative is inclusive and invites everyone, regardless of gender, to participate by wearing red shoes or accessories every Tuesday. It’s about showing support and commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.

Organizations that support #RedShoeTuesday can see various benefits, including enhanced corporate image for supporting gender diversity, improved employee engagement, and a more inclusive company culture. It also helps in standing out in a competitive marketplace.

Organizations can get involved by contacting the Red Shoe Movement team for information on licensing and integrating the initiative into their corporate culture. This can include organizing events, encouraging employee participation, and using the initiative to promote discussions on gender inclusion within the organization.

Corporations interested in officially participating in the #RedShoeTuesday initiative must obtain a license to do so. This licensing is crucial as it ensures that the corporate use of the campaign aligns with its principles and goals.

Without this license, corporations are not authorized to use the #RedShoeTuesday name, logos, or any related materials in their internal or external communications. The licensing process is designed to maintain the integrity of the initiative and to ensure that corporate participation contributes positively to the broader goals of gender inclusion and diversity.

By adhering to this requirement, corporations can legitimately leverage the #RedShoeTuesday campaign to enhance their organizational culture and public image in a meaningful and officially recognized manner.

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