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Elevate your organization’s performance on a global scale with our trio of transformative programs. The RSM Step Up Plus offers power skills to your female talent, Step Up Men helps you develop inclusion champions, and Walk the Talk: Allyship Circles ingrains allyship in your organizational DNA. 

Step Up Men

Turn your men into inclusion champions by providing them with powerful tools to support women and underrepresented groups. This program specifically designed to get men involved in fostering inclusion offers a webinar and 8 podcasts just for them.

What is it?

Step Up Men is a transformative program aimed at turning men into inclusion champions in the workplace. This timely program offers a powerful opening webinar and a series of eight podcasts to equip men with the knowledge and tools needed to actively support women and underrepresented groups. It covers crucial topics such as current workplace gender statistics, the impact of unconscious biases, allyship, and practical tactics to foster gender inclusion. The program’s goals are to heighten awareness of subconscious mandates and biases, equip male talent with actionable tools, enhance the work environment, garner organization-wide support for female talent growth, and provide practical guidance to drive meaningful change in the workplace.


Subscribe a minimum of 25 associates

Involve men in a culture shift in your organization by inviting them to take part in the Step Up Men program– where inclusion champions are born. Watch as they become an influential group to move DEI forward.

What you get with the program

Opening Survey

A tool to gather insights, expectations, and preferences from participants at the start of the Step Up Plus program, enabling us to tailor the program to their needs and objectives.

Opening Webinar

Live with Mariela Dabbah
- Topic Designing Workplaces that Foster Inclusion— 60 Minute Interactive Webinar open to your wider company, not only to program participants

8 Podcasts

10-20 minutes each. A mix of actionable content and inspiration capped with an exercise to practice the concepts shared. Topics include: Allyship, Implicit Power, and specific actions me can implement right away to promote an inclusive work environment.

Closing Live Webinar

With the Red Shoe Movement founder Mariela Dabbah “Topic TBD + What’s Next”— 45 Minute Interactive Webinar to elicit feedback, lessons learned and next steps.

Closing Survey

Designed to gather feedback, evaluations, and reflections regarding the program's effectiveness and impact. It allows us to measure attitude changes from the beginning of the program.


  • Heighten Inclusive Leadership
  • Understand & Practice Allyship
  • Shine a Light on Unconscious Bias
  • Increase Understanding of One's Role in Promoting DEI
  • Increase Visibility as an Inclusion Champion
  • Positive Workplace Impact

Step Up Men, one of our highly successful programs, not only empowers individual participants to attain their career objectives but also fosters a supportive community of men dedicated to advancing gender inclusion within your organization. Interested in achieving these outcomes? Set up a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we answer your questions about our transformative eight month-long program designed to turn men into inclusion champions.

The Step Up Men program is specifically designed to empower men to become advocates and champions of inclusion in the workplace, with a particular emphasis on supporting women and underrepresented groups.

The program offers a dedicated webinar and a series of eight podcasts, all tailored to equip men with the knowledge and tools needed to actively support gender inclusion. Topics covered include workplace gender statistics, unconscious biases, allyship, and strategies for fostering gender diversity. range of power skills needed for career growth.

The program includes content that raises awareness of unconscious biases and provides strategies to address them. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how best intentions alone are not enough  when it comes to supporting underrepresented groups in the company and learn concrete actions to short circuit unconscious biases.

Graduates of the program can expect to develop inclusive leadership skills, become effective allies for underrepresented groups, reduce unconscious biases, enhance their career growth prospects, and contribute to a more positive workplace environment.

Yes, the program is designed to benefit men at all career levels, from entry-level employees to senior executives. It provides valuable insights and tools that can be applied at any stage of one’s career journey.

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