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Elevate your organization’s performance on a global scale with our trio of transformative programs. The Step Up Plus offers power skills for your female talent, Step Up Men helps you develop inclusion champions, and Walk the Talk: Allyship Circles ingrains allyship in your organizational DNA. 

Step Up Plus

Ignite your team’s inner fire. Fuel your employees’ career growth and access the power of an internationally renowned team of experts and senior executives who work in Fortune 500 companies with this year-long program. In a short time, you will notice your employees’ higher engagement, heightened career ambitions and lower turnover. Exactly the kind of success you are looking for.

“Talent comes in all ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. Today’s global marketplace is the fusion of a diversified pool of talent, and the Red Shoe Movement (RSM) is the platform that every high-performing organization ready to make a difference should embrace to help their talent achieve their fullest potential and orchestrate their pathway to success.”

Leonardo Giron, Tesoro Corporation Sr. Manager, Process System Optimization

What is it?

The Step Up Plus is the most productive and cost-effective way to increase the retention and promotion of your women employees by heightening engagement with a model that is sustainable in the long term.

The Step Up Plus is a year-long program that provides you with all the resources to nurture and grow your employees.  In addition, you will count on the Red Shoe Movement community as your employees’ official cheerleading squad.


Subscribe a minimum of 25 employees

Foster your team's self- empowerment with the Step Up Plus – where growth knows no bounds. Watch as your employees thrive and achieve their full potential with a program designed to meet everyone's aspirations.

What you get with the program

Opening Survey

A tool to gather insights, expectations, and preferences from participants at the start of the Step Up Plus program, enabling us to tailor the program to their needs and objectives.

Opening Event

Live with Mariela Dabbah
- Topic TBD— 60 Minute Interactive Event open to your wider company, not only to program participants can be set up as an in-person, hybrid or fully virtual event.

12 Podcasts

10-20 minutes each. A mix of actionable content and inspiration capped with an exercise to practice the concepts shared. Topics include: Building self-esteem, learning to love feedback, storytelling, allyshyp, implicit power, becoming an influencer, negotiation, and more.

12 Downloadable Fireside Chats

With Special guests — 60 minutes each. We curate the most powerful Online Monthly Mutual Mentoring Circle sessions with senior business executives and leaders of the prior year to bring you their presentations and the interaction with our group. A very real, down to earth series of conversations unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Topics include: Mapping your career to achieve your dreams, Building relationships fit for a hybrid workplace, Managing your career in times of organizational changes, Understanding the business of your business, and more.

Monthly online group coaching

60 minutes with Mariela Dabbah and her team of international renowned experts and senior executives where you team interacts with the larger RSM community (numerous countries, companies, roles, etc.) Participants include anyone who is a member of the Step Up Plus.

Closing Live Webinar

With the Red Shoe Movement founder Mariela Dabbah “Topic TBD + What’s Next”— 45 Minute Interactive Webinar to elicit feedback, lessons learned and next steps.

Closing Survey

Designed to gather feedback, evaluations, and reflections regarding the program's effectiveness and impact. Participants microphones are open so they may share what they learned, how they've already applied their learnings and how will they pay it forward. Champions and Sponsors of the program are invited to participate, say a few words and listen in the conversation.


  • Improved confidence
  • Readiness to move to the next career level
  • Increased engagement which leads to increased retention
  • Increased awareness of role of subconscious mandates in career growth
  • Increased self-motivation
  • Stronger, trusting relationship among group members and with outside partners
  • Improved work environment, leading to increased creativity
  • Identification of mutual mentoring partners that can work together towards success of both individuals
  • Better alignment of career goals and company strategy

One of our most successful programs ever, the Step Up Plus has proven not only to help individual participants achieve their career goals but also, to build a strong community of women who help each other within your organization. Looking for these kinds of outcomes? Set up a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we answer your questions about our transformative year-long program designed to empower women employees, boost engagement, and drive success in organizations of all sizes.

The Step Up Plus is a year-long program designed to increase the retention and promotion of women employees by providing key power skills while enhancing engagement and motivation. It features a sustainable model and access to a team of executives who work at Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Subscribing to this program a cohort of associates can lead to your female talent being ready to take on the next challenge, increased employee engagement, higher retention rates, and a stronger commitment to your organization’s success.

The program includes an opening survey, an opening live event, monthly online webinars with senior executives, podcasts, downloadable fireside chats with special guests, and a closing webinar. These resources cover a wide range of power skills needed for career growth.


80% of participants feel more committed to their job than before starting the program

82% of participants feel ready to move to the next level of their careers. Of these, 55 % want to do so immediately and the rest, within a year.

40-50% of participants received a promotion at the end of the program depending on availability of roles at the organization


Areas of results most frequently mentioned:

62% Strengthen their ability to network

60% Communication style

60% Leadership style

46% Personal brand

33% Executive presence


Benefits, most frequently mentioned:

58% I developed important soft skills to grow in my career

56% I improved my ability to ask for what I want

52% I increased my self esteem

52% I increased my self confidence

44% I improved my negotiation skills

44% I learned do say “no” when appropriate

If you are an individual, you may subscribe to the program on your own.

If you are interested in subscribing a group of your employees, we will give you a quote depending on the size of your cohort.  Just reach out to us!

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