Red Shoe Movement
Signature Event

Welcome to the Red Shoe Movement Signature Event, an exceptional leadership conference designed to ignite transformative experiences and insights. Renowned for its unique blend of interactive and immersive sessions, this event stands as a beacon of professional development and networking.

Participants will experience a dynamic blend of activities including:

  • A morning Q&A with Keynote Guests,
  • Intensive Mutual Mentoring Circles — Conversations led by senior executives
  • A networking lunch sponsored by MetLife,
  • An insightful Executive Circle discussion,
  • A skill-building session with influent speakers and more.

This is more than an event; it’s an opportunity for sponsors to enhance their brand’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and for participants to find purpose, learn impactful methodologies, and connect with a supportive professional community. Prepare to leave not only with valuable insights, but also with actionable tools and enduring connections that will galvanize your career growth. Join us for a day of discovery, learning, and meaningful connections at the Red Shoe Movement Signature Event.

Send your Employees to the Experiential Leadership Event of the Year!

During our Executive Circle at the Red Shoe Movement Signature Event,  professionals engage in a collaborative space of learning, empowerment, and vibrant networking.

What is it?

The Red Shoe Movement Signature Event is a unique kind of leadership conference designed for professional growth and networking.

It provides a platform for both seasoned and emerging leaders to engage as both Experts and Explorers in their fields through a series of interactive sessions. These include a morning Q&A with Keynote Guests, Mutual Mentoring Circles led by senior executives, a networking lunch sponsored by MetLife, on-stage discussions by senior leaders, and a skill-building session. This event not only offers participants a chance to gain immediate actionable insights and methodologies to enhance their career paths but also fosters the development of valuable mentorship relationships. For sponsors, it’s an opportunity to boost their brand’s standing as proponents of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and to connect with diverse, top-tier talent.


Discover how to Sponsor a RSM Signature Event

Your company can be part of this transformational journey by sponsoring an event, or by purchasing ticket packages for your employees.

What you get with the program

Morning Q&A session

With Keynote guest/s where they interact with the audience in a two-way street approach

Mutual Mentoring Circles

Two rounds of several Mutual Mentoring Circles conversations in breakout rooms led by senior executives specially trained with our methodology

Networking lunch

The most delicious food provided by MetLife. The perfect time to meet others and network without any overlapping programming, to make it easy to talk to your peers

Executive Circle on stage

A group of senior executives discusses a relevant topic and interacts with the audience with the same two-way street approach we've been modeling throughout the day

Skill Building session

A dynamic general session where we'll tackle specific skills led by a senior executive.

Outcomes for Sponsors

  • Develop your talent
  • Strengthen your brand’s reputation as a champion of DEI, particularly of gender equity
  • Set yourself apart by offering your insights in an organic way during the unique opportunities we’ve built in our program
  • Meet top diverse talent

Outcomes for Participants

  • Discover your purpose
  • Learn a powerful methodology you can apply at work the next day
  • Find accountability partners to help you fulfill your career goals
  • Be part of a larger community of professionals who will support your career growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer your questions about the Red Shoe Movement Signature Events

Attendees can expect a multitude of benefits from participating in the event, including experiencing “aha” moments that provoke deep insights, engaging with experts during a morning Q&A, participating in Mutual Mentoring Circles with senior executives, and enjoying a networking lunch. Additionally, there’s an Executive Circle discussion and a Skill Building session led by a senior executive. Participants leave with a renewed sense of purpose, actionable career steps, and valuable connections for mutual mentoring.

The event is designed as an experiential conference, where participants alternate the roles of Expert and Explorer throughout the day, fostering a dynamic learning environment. The structure includes interactive conversations with senior leaders, mutual mentoring circles, networking opportunities, panel discussions, and skill-building sessions.

Yes, the event is highly interactive. The  relatively small size of the conference (around 170-180 people) makes it feel very intimate and it propitiates the perfect environment to approach anyone. It’s known for how friendly participants are and how helpful to each other. People feel they can talk to anyone and be introduced to any senior leaders present. 

The event offers extensive networking opportunities, including a breakfast, coffee break, a luncheon and the sessions themselves where participants can connect with one another and senior executives. 

Sponsors can develop their talent, enhance their DEI reputation, and meet top diverse talent. Participants will discover their purpose, learn methodologies applicable to their careers, find accountability partners, and become part of a supportive professional community that fosters career growth.

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