Allyship Circles: Walk the Talk

Practicing allyship is helping organizations attain more inclusive cultures. But the best way for this approach to work is when it becomes part of the DNA of the organization, it’s practiced consistently and relentlessly by the leadership and members of the majority group. For this to take place, leaders not only need to believe that inclusion benefits everyone (and the company’s bottom line,) but they must also:

  • Understand that allyship is an ongoing process
  • Understand that it’s okay to make mistakes
  • Accept their own responsibility in learning
  • Master the specific tools to be effective allies
  • Role model what true allyship looks like on an everyday basis

This program has two goals: 1. Provide a Train the Trainers with a model for having difficult conversations (Our RSM Mutual Mentoring Circles methodology) 2. Offer relevant content around Allyship. It’s structured as a 5 Session conversation with a maximum of 20 people. The most effective hands-on program you’ll find to bring Allyship into your organization. 

Fostering Inclusive Cultures

The program offers a unique “Train the Trainers” approach, using a model for facilitating challenging conversations, thereby enhancing communication skills across your organization.

What is it?

“Allyship Circles: Walk the Talk” is a comprehensive training program designed to integrate the principles of inclusivity and allyship into an organization by fostering a culture of mutual allyship where everyone understands they have a role to play.   The program focuses on educating and empowering leaders and team members to understand and practice inclusivity as an ongoing process. The program includes a “Train the Trainers” approach, which involves teaching participants how to facilitate difficult conversations effectively. Structured in a series of five interactive, confidential sessions with a limited number of participants, it aims to provide hands-on, impactful learning experiences that foster a more inclusive, empathetic, and cohesive work environment. You may set it up as a 5 consecutive week program or have one session every other week. 


Invite up to 20 People to Participate

Join us in making a difference in our workplace! Encourage your coworkers to join the 'Walk the Talk: Allyship Circles' program and help foster a more inclusive, collaborative workplace.

What you get with the program

Circle 1 - 90 minutes

Introduction to the philosophy, methodology and logistics of the Red Shoe Movement
Mutual Mentoring Circles.

Mariela Dabbah, founder and CEO of the Red Shoe Movement, role plays as facilitator.

Who cares about allyship anyway?

Circle 2 - 80 minutes


  • Two participants take turns to role play as facilitators
  • Feedback to facilitators
  • Specific content for this session
    What does allyship mean?
    The different roles allies can play

  • Circle 3 - 80 minutes


  • Two participants take turns to role play as facilitators
  • Feedback to facilitators
  • Specific content for this session
    Putting your ego aside
    How to apologize and move on?

  • Circle 4 - 80 minutes


  • Two participants take turns to role play as facilitators
  • Feedback to facilitators
  • Specific content for this session
    What does your privilege look like?
    What have you been covering?

  • Circle 5 - 30 minutes

  • Recap of our time together.
  • What did you learn?
  • Key takeaways
  • Feedback

  • Outcomes

    • Enhanced Cultural Competency
    • Improved work environment
    • Strengthened team cohesion
    • Organizational Transformation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here we answer your questions about our Walk the Talk: Allyship Circles program

    The program is designed to integrate best inclusive practices and allyship into your organization’s culture. It focuses on teaching leaders and team members  hands on techniques to handle challenging situations and conversations in order for everyone to feel welcomed, valued and heard.

    This program is ideal for team members who are interested in promoting and practicing inclusion and allyship in their work environment. It’s suitable for anyone committed to driving positive cultural change in their organization. The more diverse the participants (in backgrounds, roles and seniority levels) the more value everyone gets. 

    “Walk the Talk: Allyship Circles” is structured as a series of five interactive sessions. Each session is designed to be engaging and hands-on, providing participants with practical tools and strategies to foster an inclusive environment. It can be set up as a once a week session or every other week. 

    The program includes a “Train the Trainers” approach, empowering participants to lead difficult conversations about DEI. It also limits its sessions to a maximum of 20 participants, ensuring a personalized and impactful learning experience.

    “It’s the first time I feel heard by senior leadership,” by a junior associate who had been with the company 2 years.

    “I never received such clear feedback from my team before,” by a C-Suite executive about the comments other participants offered him.

    “I realized that years ago when someone who had just started with our company and came from a different country came to me asking for help given that he came from a low- socio economic family, that rather than telling him that he could worry about that or work hard and let his abilities show in his hard work, I should’ve asked more questions. I should have helped him understand the unwritten rules of the organization which he didn’t have exposure to given that his education had been completely different than that of most of the team,” by a senior leader.

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