Dreamwalkers Shoes are inspired by powerful women. This beautiful women-owned business was born from the belief that everyone has the power to turn their dreams into reality – everyone has wings and sometimes we just need a little encouragement to learn to fly. To Dreamwalk.

DreamWalkers Shoes: The Carmen Boot is inspired by the renowned Spanish dancer.
DreamWalkers Shoes: The Carmen Boot is inspired by the renowned Spanish dancer.

The unique shoe brand was founded by Isabelle Schmitt and Lorea de los Mozos, two women with shared values and a vision to empower women through community, creativity and, of course, fashion. This vision became Dreamwalkers Shoes.

Their beautiful, handcrafted shoes are made with sustainable materials and built to last in a family-owned factory in Alicante, Spain. Each design finds its inspiration on women in culture, fiction, and reality; from goddesses and Disney villains to real life artists and stars that shine 25 light-years away.

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RED SHOE MOVEMENT – What is Dreamwalkers Shoes’ origin story? How did you meet and what inspired you to start a business together?

DREAMWALKERS SHOES – Dreamwalkers Shoes was born from the belief that you can turn your dreams into reality. The feather in our logo represents the wings we were all born with, so we can reach the sky. But we all need someone to believe in us so we can learn how to fly. Our paths met at a time when we both needed that encouragement. Soon after meeting in New York, through our children’s school, we realized that our background stories and sensibilities were similar.

We discovered how our creativities complemented each other with the potential to offer something unique and powerful to the world. We decided to use that common vision to start a business together and make our shared dream come true. Knowing that we would cheer and support each other along the way gave us the strength to get past our fears and embark on this journey to make Dreamwalkers Shoes a meaningful brand to people out there who share our values.

DreamWalkers Shoes Vega Oxford
DreamWalkers Shoes Vega Oxford

RSM – What attracted you and your brand to join forces with Red Shoe Movement?  

DS – As a women-owned small business, we are aware of many of the challenges that women face every day especially at work. The Red Shoe Movement supports women in gender equity and career success through a unique method proving that when women collaborate with each other and when men and institutions are included in the process, they can reach their highest potential.

Dreamwalkers Shoes and the Red Shoe Movement share the value of empowering women through Community: Together we are stronger. 

RSM – Tell us about the women that have inspired your collections so far? How are they chosen? Who are you excited to draw inspiration from for future designs? 

DS – From the very beginning, the women who inspire us, real or fictional, have been at the center of our designs. It is important for us to design shoes that will make women feel stronger and empowered by the inspiring message they carry. Whether it is through goddesses like Artemisa and Yemanyá, real women like Sandra and Yayoi Kusama, memorable fictional characters like Cruella de Vil, or bright stars like Vega, they all carry principles that will speak to women around the world in the same way they speak to us as women and designers.

With so many strong, resilient, and amazing women out there to celebrate, there is a never-ending source for inspiration. There is a Dreamwalker shoe for each and every one of them.

DreamWalkers Yemanya Red
DreamWalkers Yemanya Red

RSM – What are some of the challenges you have faced as a small business in a fashion industry that’s so focused on fast fashion? 

DS – We are facing small and big challenges every day. When you invest in a handmade timeless designed product requiring very high skills and top-quality materials, you put yourself in a challenging situation. Finding an expert manufacturer who believed in us and who’s willing to work on limited editions has not been easy. Our designs are not simple, and it takes time and dedication to make a Dreamwalker Shoe. Using more sustainable materials like chrome free leathers while keeping reasonable costs and prices can also be a challenge, but we would not be aligned with our values as professionals and human beings if we did things differently.

At Dreamwalkers Shoes we align with the slow fashion movement because we know how urgently the world needs to reduce waste, especially in the fashion industry. We share with our clients the core value of buying less but better. Our shoes are designed and made to last, with a conscious care at your feet and in your heart.

RSM – Tell us about the family-owned factory where the Dreamwalkers creations come to life and about the artisans behind these timeless pieces of fashion.

DS – All our shoes are handmade in Elda, Alicante, a little Spanish town that has been making its living from the shoe industry for centuries. On average, 60% of the families living in Elda have at least one member employed directly or indirectly by the shoe business, sometimes many more.

Raúl and his wife Raquel run the small factory where our creations come to life. Raúl´s family has been working in the shoe sector for generations. Their team is made up of from ten to fifteen employees who believe in quality over quantity and in a delicate handmade process over massive industrial productions. The human approach with clients and providers is key to their work and every Dreamwalkers shoe is treated like a piece of art.

RSM – What are your hopes and ambitions for Dreamwalkers Shoes in the future? 

DS – The shoe and fashion industry are a challenging environment. We are selling exclusively through our own online shop for now, which allows us to reach more people over the world but can also make it more challenging to get to the right audience. However, we are confident in the product we are offering and in how it allows our customers to connect to women and empower them.

Our hopes and ambitions are to keep growing a Community of Dreamwalkers who share our brand values and working together on becoming the best version of ourselves. We hope to succeed in reminding women how beautiful, strong, and powerful they are by wearing a pair of shoes that will inspire them every step of their way. We believe in Dreamwalking together.

DreamWalkers Shoes- Sandra
DreamWalkers Shoes- Sandra

RSM – What valuable lessons have you learned thus far? What do know now that you wish you’d known when you first started? 

DS – One of the most valuable lessons we have learned is the importance of making mistakes. When you launch yourself in such a big yet exciting project, it’s inevitable to make mistakes along the way. What matters when it happens is how you react to those mistakes, how you rectify them, and how you ensure you won’t repeat them.

We have learned to fall, to get back up, to try again, to forgive ourselves for not knowing better, and to keep going! As co-workers, we have learned not to judge, to respect and understand each other, and to show patience and compassion between us. The ability to balance heart and mind in developing and managing a business continues to be a challenge.

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