By Sophia Gordon

During the recent Red Shoe Tuesday event at the New York Times, amazing personalities, in various stages of their careers got together to find out from each other how to become a great presenter, gain confidence to share one’s viewpoint, and deal with disagreements.

Here are some of the most salient pieces of advice the Experts in the group had for the Explorers:

Yvette Sánchez – Identify what makes you uncomfortable.

Diane Librizzi – Don’t let negative attention deter you…Know what you want…identify your goals.

Sandra Ortiz Juarez – Be prepared and throw titles and positions out the window.

Debra Corbin – Respect differences of opinions.

Sheena Ghura – Expect “positive friction.”

May Moy – Be mindful of your posture and body language. Diffuse a situation before it becomes a situation.

Laura Dee – Prepare the challenging personalities before the meeting.

Nicole Legister – Don’t be afraid to use humor.

Arlene García – Practice, practice, practice.

Additional Advice

Be yourself.

Own the room.

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