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…moving women into management positions?

…do you want your high-potentials to be ready for the next challenge?

…learning the secrets to managing Generation Y in the workplace?

Red Shoe Movement Ambassador School

Send us your high potential female employees (and particularly, those who are first generation in corporate america) and they will come back to you ready to tackle the next career challenge.  Proven to be one of the best leadership development programs, this hands-on action learning program gives your employees a chance to get involved in planning and executing a Red Shoe Movement Signature Event while learning a host of critical skills.

Encouraged to take larger responsibilities and risks than in their own jobs, women who go through the Ambassador School return to work with a heightened level of career engagement which makes them ideal candidates for the next stretch assignment. As a result of such an empowering experience these women demonstrate a renewed sense of loyalty for their companies.




Select a few of your high potentials to take part of the exciting planning and execution of one of our Signature Events. They become part of a solid network of women highly engaged with their careers who are interested in supporting their gender peers fulfill their professional objectives.  During the six-month leadership development program, Ambassadors receive training in public speaking, group facilitation, negotiation, event planning/execution, social media, and more.


The team meets via conference calls and in person in various locations, always outside of business hours. It’s six months of intense hands-on action learning. Depending on their skills and the skills they wish to develop, participants are assigned to specific committees. They meet frequently with senior RSM staff for mentorship and receive exposure to unique opportunities such as attending professional development conferences, media exposure, and so on.


Action learning is without a doubt one of the most effective leadership development programs. If you’re ready to sign up a few of your female high potentials, drop us a note so we can discuss details.

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