Mentor a young person. Mentoring is a valuable way of guiding a child into adulthood. You have many personal and professional skills that are worth sharing. By mentoring an older child, you can pass on some of this knowledge and be a positive Latina role model to someone who might not have many role models to look up to. There are many local, state, and national organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, that are dedicated to pairing children and teens with mentors. Usually, there is a shortage of minority mentors. So if you can commit to spend at least six months with a child, you’ll surely make a meaningful impact.

Take a class with your child. What a great way to lead by example and show your child that education doesn’t end with high school or college; rather a lifelong worthwhile pursuit. Sign up to take a class with your child at the local community college or community center. Whether it’s a class that teaches pottery or a new language, the lesson is equally powerful. And the time you spend together? Priceless.

Volunteer locally. If volunteering conjures images of clearing tables at a soup kitchen, you haven’t looked at all of the opportunities that are out there, often right in your backyard. You can offer a few hours of your personal time each week to help tutor students at your local school, plant a community garden, or visit with a terminally ill patient. Particularly during these troubled economic times, many organizations are in dire need of unpaid help. VolunteerMatch can help you find opportunities within your community according to your area of interest.

Teach your kids healthy eating habits. Instead of making a diet for you to lose 20 pounds, why not make the resolution for your whole family to eat healthier? According to the Center for Disease Control, the obesity epidemic disproportionately affects Hispanic children. The good news is, you can prevent obesity in your children by purchasing and preparing healthier foods at home. Not only will this help ensure healthy kids, it will increase your consumption of these healthier options as well. You can adapt your favorite Latin recipes to have less fat and carbs, while still enjoying the authentic flavors.

Raise money for your favorite charitable cause. Is there a cause out there that you wish you could donate hundreds or even thousands of dollars to? Many charitable organizations, such as the Susan B. Komen foundation or March of Dimes, have annual walkathons or 5K road race in your area. You can raise money for any charity by telling friends and family that you intend to dedicate to the cause. Check your local rec centers or fitness clubs that may hold local fundraisers, such as Zumbathons. Sites like Charity Navigator, can guide you on your fundraising efforts or finding a charity to choose.

So why not make the New Year a charitable one? Weight usually gains back and money usually gets lost, but with these resolutions, you have a better chance of keeping them by helping others. And let satisfaction be your reward.

This article was originally published on Mamiverse.

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