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❤️ About The Initiative

Women have earned the right to receive discounts and tailored benefits!

After putting up with decades of a persistent salary gap while paying full price for products and services, it’s time for businesses who support Gender Equity to offer discounts to women on a weekly basis.

Following the Red Shoe Movement’s mission of accelerating the representation of women in leadership and thus contributing to improving gender equity at all levels, the key purposes of our loyalty program, #RedShoeTuesdayDestination are:

  • To recognize that given the persistence of the gender pay gap, women have earned the right to get custom discounts and benefits
  • To support the supporters of gender equity
  • To encourage global engagement and collective action towards eliminating the salary gap
  • We believe individuals and organizations everywhere can help reach gender equity by embracing a cohesive strategy and simple tactics. When you join this initiative you join a strong choir of voices amplified for a more robust impact.

#RedShoeTuesdayDestination is part of a comprehensive communication system built by the Red Shoe Movement. It stands on the 10-year-old award-winning #RedShoeTuesday campaign that has proven to change workplaces and social environments. An initiative that invites people to wear red shoes and accessories to work every week to keep up the conversation around gender equity, equal pay for equal work and equal distribution of power.                      

❤️ Benefits

The #RedShoeTuesdayDestination loyalty program initiative highlights organizations that are aligned with our mission and purpose and that make a statement by offering something special to women on Tuesdays.  The benefits of joining include:

❤️ Who Can Participate

Any business or initiative that Supports #RedShoeTuesday’s goal of leveling the playing field for everyone, fostering equal pay for equal work, and closing the gender gap and that offers something special for women and to people who identify as women at least one Tuesday a month. 

Cultural and social organizations such as museums, art galleries, libraries, universities, etc, that feature exhibits, lectures, films or events of any kind that support gender equity can also apply to become a  #RedShoeTuesdayDestination.


❤️ What Can You Offer

This loyalty program is an opportunity to pamper your consumer or clientele. To offer them services or benefits that resonate with their mindset and invite them to return often to your location. 

The #RedShoeTuesdayDestination offers a real, important, newsworthy cause for people, particularly women, to connect with. It’s a proven cause-marketing initiative. 

From special discounts geared to underscoring the salary gap, to a special gift, from unique opportunities to network or be selected for an internship,  to customized benefits, your organization can decide what it will offer women and those who identify as women on at least one Tuesday a month.

❤️ Logistics

You fill out an application that is reviewed by our team. Once it’s approved we will send you a decal to display on your place of business and a #RedShoeTuesdayDestination package of digital files for you to print and distribute to your visitors/guests/clients when they come to your location on Tuesdays.

These assets contain a QR code that will link to our Platform where your audience will be able to read about the initiative and your participation in it.

In tandem with your own communication the Red Shoe Movement’s team will promote your participation weekly via its social media platform which includes LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Specific content is designed to feature our destination partners and relevant influencers are involved to amplify our messaging.

❤️ Platform

The #RedShoeTuesdayDestination initiative’s online Platform features an interactive map with the locations of Destinations around the world. Yours will be listed here.

The portal has a search function that enables people to search by location and type of businesses. When they click on your business, they find a brief description of what you offer and whether it is every Tuesday or on specific Tuesdays every month. 

It will also include a link to your digital destination. 

We will dedicate one page to your Destination highlighting your special offer. 

❤️ Apply to Become a #RedShoeTuesdayDestination

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❤️ Can I Refer A Business?

Of course! This is a community building an even larger, stronger, collaborative community. If you have a Destination you believe should be part of our network, kindly refer them to us: 

❤️ Our Clients & Sponsors

❤️ Our Destinations Map

❤️ Featured Destination

All around the world women and those who identify as women have been living with a pay gap for decades if not centuries.  It’s time that they get a break. Whether it’s a discount or a special benefit, our Destinations are businesses that are championing gender equity by putting their money where their mouths are. They’ve come up with unique ways to compensate women for this pay gap.

You’ll find all sorts of high quality establishments looking forward to seeing you on Tuesdays to show you their relentless support. 

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Lu Mourelle’s Art Gallery

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