Experimenting fashion without rules

Wearing handmade leather Vladì Shoes means wearing a story that began long ago. From inspiration to realization, it’s like telling a fairy tale with romantic nuances, a vision of the world imbued with values such as Beauty and Quality. Behind every shoes, there are the personal stories of Pietro, Giorgia, Serena, Marta, Stefania and other women and men who dedicated their lives to design, manufacture and to process leather.

The passion for shoes and for challenges, the love for creativity and for all forms of artistic expression, along with unbound curiosity gave birth to Vladì: A project that is constantly experimenting in order to offer a new vision of fashion free from rules. They think that fashion is what each one of us expresses and personifies. It’s about being oneself and having the courage to try different things and to have fun.

Vladì shoes are unique and exclusive accessories, the result of the know-how of generations of producers and all the value of “Made in Italy” as a brand of refined production.

Every Tuesday, you will get 10% discount on all their shoes when you shop in person or online in support of #RedShoeTuesdayDestination.

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