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A few years ago, after having discovered specialty coffee in Oslo, Fernando Iglesias Molli, an Argentine Architect, decided to convert his garage in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires into a coffee shop. It quickly became a total success not only because of its unbelievably delicious coffee (try the Café Virgen, with olive oil) but because it quickly became a place where neighbors met and shared stories, a taste of their own drinks and music. A community was born.

You can now find Öss Kaffe in several locations in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Madrid and soon opening in major cities around the world.

Now they have become a #RedShoeTuesdayDestination so that you get to experience their unique drinks and atmosphere close to home.

Visit them any Tuesday and be surprised by their special treat for you. You will never know what awaits when you order your coffee. That’s just the way they roll at Öss Kaffe!


Argentina • Franklin Roosevelt 1894 • Buenos Aires

Argentina • Pacheco de Melo 1860  • Buenos Aires

Spain • Joaquín Costa 26 • Barcelona

Spain • Juan Manuel Cortina 1 • Madrid

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