Works of Art to Inspire You to Do Your Dreamwalk — Made in Spain!

When Isabelle Schmitt (French) and Lorea de los Mozos (Spanish) met each other in New York City in 2019, they quickly found out that they had a lot in common. Not much later they started DreamWalkers, a company founded on the basis of their shared values. They believe in supporting the slow fashion movement by creating timeless designs made with high quality long-lasting materials by expert artisans’ hands.

They create curated collections based on quality finishes and comfort. Shoes for conscious people who know the importance of buying less but better quality shoes. A great step for customers and much better for the planet.

The empowering stories of exceptional women are a significant influence in their creations which they believe will inspire others to make their own dreams come true.

They are the 2023 Red Shoe Movement Signature Event Shoe Partner and, obviously, they’ve become a #RedShoeTuesdayDestination

Every Tuesday, women get 15% discount on all their shoes when you shop in person or online  with the Code: RED15 in support of #RedShoeTuesdayDestination.

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325 Gold Street
Suite #307
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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