• We provide the right resources and coaching to help women grow within their organizations.

  • Lisa Lutoff-Perlo

    CEO, Celebrity Cruises

  • Miguel Alemany

    Director R&D, Flavors & Fragrances, Worldwide, P&G

  • Ilya Espino de Marotta

    Executive Vice President, Panama Canal Authority

  • Alexia Keglevich

    CEO, ASSIST CARD (A member of the STARR COMPANIES Holding)

  • Sergio Kaufman

    CEO, Hispanic South America, Accenture

  • Rosemary Rodríguez

    Film & TV Director & 4th Vice President, DGA (Directors Guild of America)

  • Red Shoe Movement Hall of Fame 2017

The Red Shoe Movement is thought provoking and leads to self-empowerment by inviting participants to embrace their whole self. There is tremendous energy among participants to support each other and gain further development. The results are truly visible!

Alexandra Contreras, CDP
Alexandra Contreras, CDPSenior Analyst, Global Diversity & Inclusion Colgate-Palmolive

It was an amazing experience to work with the Red Shoe Movement!  The enthusiasm and strength seen among the women who are a part of the movement is a clear example of how women who work together can reach higher levels in their professional and personal lives. We still have a long way to go, but this movement is a giant leap in the right direction.

Bia Figueiredo
Bia FigueiredoINDY racecar driver and fastest Latina on the planet

The Red Shoe Movement is about empowering women leaders to be the best that we can be! It’s about helping each other, establishing a safe space to share ideas, and creating a culture that recognizes our achievements – no matter how big or small. It’s about being proud of who you are and having the confidence to bring your whole self to everything that you do!

Cosette Gutierrez
Cosette GutierrezSenior Group Manager, Community Relations Target Corporation

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What is the Red Shoe Movement?

The RSM is a leading company focused on diverse women’s career and leadership development.

The RSM is the movement for women who are doing well and are interested in doing better.

Career & Leadership Development Programs

We offer high performance career and leadership development programs that combine our proven RSM proprietary methodology and cultural know-how.

Designed to support women’s career success via self-motivation and mutual empowerment, our programs amplify the reach of your own company’s diversity and inclusion goals by eliciting unprecedented engagement.

Career and leadership development programs for Latinas

You are…

A woman who is doing well, but is interested in doing even better

And you’re not sure how to go about it. You’re probably a bit unsatisfied at work. You understand that your personal well-being and your professional satisfaction go hand in hand, and you’re anxious to adjust your situation. You’re always trying to find ways to better integrate the personal and professional aspects of your life. You love to stay informed on career-related topics and to participate in events, especially when you get a chance to meet women like you, interested in expanding their knowledge and skills. You know that you could use professional support, new methods and resources to grow professionally and that’s why you are exploring the Red Shoe Movement.

A company in search of solutions

You are responsible for the professional development of your diverse employees and for increasing engagement, retention, and promotion of these women to the highest levels of decision-making.

You’d like to figure out how to reduce employee turnover and the seemingly intractable issue of women getting stuck in middle management.

You’re hopeful that you’ll eventually stumble upon an innovative approach that works. That’s why you are exploring the Red Shoe Movement.

You’re responsible for your company’s Hispanic marketing or you work for a multicultural marketing agency.

You know that in order to engage this market segment you need to have credibility.

You are looking for a recognized voice in the community as a partner. One that helps you reflect your company’s interest in the professional growth and financial wellbeing of Latinas. That’s how you arrived at the Red Shoe Movement.

Lisa Lutoff Perlo inspirational quote RSM Hall of Fame
Alexia Keglevich inspiraitonal quote Hall of Fame
Red Shoe Movement Principle 7
Be a great leader in difficult times
#WomensMarch January 21 2017 in NYC
Making proper introductions is a great way to shine the light on another person.
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