On its 10th anniversary, the Red Shoe Movement launched #WingsOfCourage as an invitation to celebrate women of courage.

The Red Shoe Movement is a leadership development company whose mission is to accelerate female representation at the highest levels of decision-making.

We have spent the last ten years walking in women’s shoes promoting gender equity. To commemorate the Red Shoe Movement’s 10th anniversary, we take off. We take this conversation to a whole new level.

Who are these women of courage? They are women who overcome challenges to fulfill their goals, who push forward not because they are fearless but because they don’t let their fears stop them. You are one of them!

These women of courage can now count on these symbolic wings and the Red Shoe Movement’s community support to help them soar to new heights.

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#WingsOfCourage is an initiative in partnership with visual artist Colette Miller, creator of the Global Angel Wings Project. Organizations interested in supporting women of courage are welcome to get in touch with us to join #WingsOfCourage.

#WingsOfCourage – Uplifting Women of Courage

It’s about lifting women of courage up so they can reach new heights! It’s all about being the wind beneath her wings.

#WingsOfCourage materializes as a superb art installation that will grace the windows and walls of buildings worldwide where organizations are embracing the new workplace, one with a hybrid workforce.

At a time when many associates work from home, coming to the office will now be a vibrant experience to look forward to. One where art and life mingle seamlessly.

Those returning to work will be welcomed by the wings that artist Colette Miller created exclusively for the Red Shoe Movement’s #WingsOfCourage initiative.

These wings will offer employees the perfect background to take inspired pictures and share them with their colleagues working remotely and with the community at large.

When did it take flight?

On March 1, 2022, and to roll out Women’s History Month, the Red Shoe Movement revealed its first installation of #WingsOfCourage at Spotify’s offices, on the top floor (72nd) of 4 World Trade Center in New York City. The wings have the Freedom Tower as an impactful background.

March is always a busy month at the Red Shoe Movement. The #WingsOfCourage ran alongside our annual “Ring the Bell on the 7 Seas” which is in its 5th consecutive year, our weekly #RedShoeTuesday campaign and the announcement of our first two awardees of our recognition platform Hall of Fame and Red Shoe Leader Awards.

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Colette Miller and our #WingsOfCourage

Colette Miller is the world-renowned artist who ten years ago began painting her Global Angel Wings Project in the streets of Los Angeles. She believes humans are the angels on Earth, and it falls upon us to solve Earth’s problems.

Her distinctive artwork can be found around the world from Russia to Dubai, from China to Germany as murals on street walls and on windows in all kinds of buildings.

Colette has created a unique set of wings and color palette for the Red Shoe Movement.