Career & Leadership Development Programs for your Diverse Employees

As the FIRST career and leadership development company focused on diverse women, we have the cultural know-how and expertise to provide them with all the resources and coaching they need to take their careers to the next level.

To compete in the global marketplace, companies face talent challenges. And when it comes to multicultural women, they may not be addressing the additional cultural nuances appropriately. Making it even more difficult to compete.

We can help you. We will accelerate the career growth of your diverse employees. And you will confirm what the research shows — the more women in executive positions, the higher an organization’s ROI.

Our proprietary methodology was specially designed to amplify your own Diversity and Inclusion goals. We have successfully implemented this methodology at McGraw Hill Financial, Thomson Reuters, Colgate Palmolive and many other companies.

You can enjoy the same outstanding results.

If you are interested in improving productivity and reducing turnover with better employee engagement and satisfaction our programs can help.

We offer high performance career and leadership development programs that combine our proven RSM proprietary methodology and cultural know-how.

Designed to support women’s career success via self-motivation and mutual empowerment, our programs amplify the reach of your own company’s diversity and inclusion goals by eliciting unprecedented engagement.

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RSM Onsite: Increase Motivation, Engagement and Promotion

Send us your diverse women employees and see them return fully engaged and ready for their next career challenge.

The RSM OnSite – a leadership development program – helps strengthen your human resources’ pipeline of future women managers.

An Effective Way to Develop Diverse Leaders: the RSM Circles

Implement one of the most effective leadership development programs that successfully promote women to decision-making positions.

Our deep cultural knowledge plus our years of experience in the field, led to the creation of this Leadership Program—A sustainable turnkey solution that truly resonates with your diverse talent.

The RSM Circles are leadership development programs that live and grow within your company!

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