Check out the Let's Talk About Self Esteem - Podcast 104 of the RSM Step Up Program Free Podcast! Download it Now!
Check out the Let's Talk About Self Esteem - Podcast 104 of the RSM Step Up Program!! Download it for FREE now!!

Let’s Talk About Self Esteem – Podcast 104 of the RSM Step Up Program

Let’s Talk About Self Esteem

You want to amplify who you are so others can appreciate you and offer you the kind of opportunities that you dream about? Let’s make sure low self-esteem doesn’t get in the way of your career development!  There are many things you can do to gain control over any feelings of inadequacy you might have. In “Let’s Talk About Self-Esteem” we look at many of these options together.

You are not alone. Listen to an invigorating podcast that provides context for the reasons why you may have low self-esteem and that validates your experience. And then get going with concrete, actionable activities and ideas that will help you achieve your life and career purposes with effortless ease.

“Let’s Talk About Self-Esteem” invites you to look at yourself with the kind eyes of those who care about you the most— Your closest friends. It encourages you to open your own eyes to discover and appreciate your unique gifts, and to recognize the positive impact you have on other people’s lives. Yes, have you stopped for a moment to evaluate how much you positively influence those around you? How much better off they are because of your work? Through suggested activities, Mariela Dabbah, the podcast’s host, offers you an array of options to create your own roadmap to success.

You may wonder why we choose to talk about this topic in the RSM Step Up program, a topic unlike most of the others we discuss along the way. Well, we believe having a strong self-esteem plays a key role in your ability to fulfill your career dreams. And although most professional development programs don’t address it head-on, we decided to put it on the table. Acknowledging that you may have low self-esteem is the first step to feeling your best.

So let’s talk about self-esteem and about tactics you can use to tap into your power.


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