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Coming in the next few weeks, our very special RSM community, a place where you can share your thoughts, ideas, experiences, advice, and concerns with other women who, like you, are looking to move forward with their career. Stay tuned for this unique destination where you will find the support you need from other powerful women like yourself.

Become an Ambassador

If you’re excited about the initiative and want to do more, join our team of volunteer Ambassadors! These are women who attend events across the country to spread the word about RSM, hand out charms to those who Like us on FB, and most importantly, network with other powerful, inspiring women. Email for more info.

Get the Book

Find Your Inner Red Shoes: Step Into Your Own Style of SuccessFind Your Inner Red Shoes: Step Into Your Own Style of Success

If your dream is to take full advantage of your potential to grow professionally, this book is for you. With an engaging style, Mariela threads her own experience and that of dozens of successful women with precise tools that will allow you to discover who you are to get where you dream to be. The book emphasizes the idea that success is an individual journey rather than a destination.


Also available in Spanish