Rising tide lifts all boats Building Alliances

Beyond networking: Building Alliances

Most everyone knows the power of building and maintaining a network…
How to overcome anxiety inside and outside work

How to overcome anxiety inside and outside of work

We live at a time when anxiety is one of the most common disorders.…
Adjusting to our elderly parents needs

Elderly parents: The one thing that works for me

As women, one of the roles most of us face at some point in our…

Living One Day at a Time: A Short Story

Living one day at a time has been my consistent approach to life.…
A little fiction

Some crazy dreams do come true when you persevere!

A short story about a real Sky Ladder A couple of years ago…
Stop checking boxes and start living

What does done look like in your life & career

When it comes to getting the desired results, author Brené Brown…

Unleash your creativity: Saying Yes to Change

You know how for the last few years there’s been a whole conversation…
Respecting each individual as a human being has always been at the core of Katie Fallon's attitude in her personal and professional life.

An example of how to leverage your personal traits in your job

Katie Beirne Fallon went from working for President Obama to…
Ready to ask about your blind spot?

An Alternative and Informal Way to Johari's Window: Discover your Blind Spots

Being aware of your blind spots is always useful. But to grow…
The picture used to illustrate the article we discuss here reflects an unconscious bias and it contradicts the advice in the article.

Example of Unconscious Bias in Action: What’s wrong with this picture?

Take a quick look at this image. What does it represent to you?…
Sylvia Acevedo went from rocket scientist to CEO of one of the most beloved American organizations.

Sylvia Acevedo: From NASA to CEO, Girl Scouts

Sylvia Acevedo started off her career as a rocket scientist at…
Kees Roks leads by example

Kees Roks, servant leader, leads by example

Kees Roks, Head Region Europe at Novartis Oncology, has been…
Lisa Wang is leveling the playing field for female entrepreneurs.

Lisa Wang Levels Playing Field in Investment Capital

Lisa Wang has an unusual background. A former USA National Champion…
Scott Scherr inspires his team daily with his strong, inclusive vision.

CEO Scott Scherr Leads Inclusion in Tech

A tech company that truly puts People First is not a glitch.…
Cynthia Hudson is an example of how far you can get in your career when you do what you love.

Cynthia Hudson Moving the Needle Inside the Newsroom

She's one of the most influential women in Spanish media. Cynthia…