Your mental health

Mental Health: Taking Care of Yourself in Isolation

A good friend recently confessed to me that the changes brought…
Women owned businesses

Help Small Women-Owned Businesses Affected by COVID-19

It’s no secret that the pandemic has had an impact on businesses…
Participating in scientific research is a step towards addressing disparities in healthcare. Test your brain and be counted!

Diversity in Science: Making a Difference on Aging Brain Research

Discover how aging brain research benefits from diversity in…
Staying creative in challenging times

Staying Creative During Challenging Times

Elaine Del Valle is a true renaissance woman. The award-winning…
Ideas for when this is over

What will we and the world be like when this is over?

Gustavo Carvajal is the #IDEAcatalyst, an open-hearted and open-minded…
Apps to stay afloat while working from home

Apps to Stay Afloat While Working from Home

There is no shame in admitting it: We all need a little help…
Isolated and Alone

Isolated and alone. Surviving the quarantine

The lack of physical contact and its unclear end, is a hot topic…
Empowering female entrepreneurs by The Etho

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Mónica Peraza’s Passion

Self-made Mexican businesswoman Mónica Peraza O’Quigley believes…
The New Normal

The New Normal: The Future of Work Is Here

Who would’ve thought that in such a short period of time the…
Anxiety- What causes it and how to keep it at bay. Photo Credit- John Cameron. Unsplash

Anxiety: What Causes it and How to Keep it at Bay

We are at an unprecedented moment in the history of humanity.…
10 things to do during the quarantine

10 Things you Can Do to Stay Sane During the Quarantine

If you want to remain sane during the quarantine, when you’re…
Alison Davis- Blake inspirational quote

Inclusion: Pushing for Real Results in Academia

If there’s someone pushing for real results in diversity and…
Lisa Lutoff Perlo inspirational quote

Closing the Gender Gap at Sea: The Celebrity Cruises Team

Celebrity Cruises has been making history for years, creating…
Cesar Cernuda inspirational quote

Cesar Cernuda: Dissolving the glass ceiling fostering full inclusion

Cesar Cernuda’s role as President at Microsoft Latin America…
Grab the Bell for Gender Equality - The RSM 20/20 Bell

2020 Perfect Vision on Gender Equality

The year is 2020. The time is now to make gender equality a reality.…