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7 Red Shoe Movement Principles In Action — Your Guide

Our 7 Red Shoe Movement Principles are helping change work environments everywhere. Making things better for women to grow in their careers and reach as far as they wish to go. Making diversity at the top possible, faster. In this guide we help you live and share the 7 Red Shoe Movement Principles. We give you concrete and simple actions you can implement right away in your place of work, with your friends, colleagues, and even with your family members.

When you openly and consistently support women to achieve their goals you contribute to the creation of a virtuous circle that benefits everyone. The better women do, the better society does as women invest in their families and in their communities. Let’s move the needle faster in female representation at the top so that we can all enjoy the benefits.

Download the 7 Red Shoe Movement Principles In Action Guide now and feel free to share it with everyone in your network.