Have you observed how much you get noticed when you wear red shoes or accessories? They help you stand out immediately. That’s exactly the experience reported by people who wear them every Tuesday to work. “I often get approached by associates, colleagues and other executives who wonder what’s up with my weekly fashion statement,” shared Jorge Quezada, Chief People & Culture, Granite Construction who wears his red Vans every week.  And it’s at that moment when you have a chance to talk about how we can design together a workplace that fosters inclusion.

For over ten years, we’ve been promoting this ongoing weekly conversation with our initiative #RedShoeTuesday. At the intersection of fashion and self-empowerment, it’s an invitation for everyone to wear red shoes and accessories to work, to stimulate a leap of consciousness to a world where it’s no longer necessary to deliberately push for gender inclusion at all levels of decision-making.

It’s a tool that enables individuals to join a global discussion around one of the most relevant topics of the day, and offers a great platform for organizations like yours to solidify your gender inclusion credentials while standing out in an ever-more competitive marketplace. Contact us to find out more about licensing #RedShoeTuesday.