Leadership Training: RSM OnSite

Send us your female employees whether they are stagnant or they are considered “high potentials” and we’ll give them back to you fully engaged and ready for their next career challenge.

The RSM Onsite program – for employee leadership training – helps strengthen your human resources’ pipeline of future women managers. Particularly, your diverse talent.

Bring the Power of the Red Shoe Movement to Your Company

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Methodology For Leadership Training – Achieve unprecedented engagement with the RSM Onsite

As your goal is to promote more women into higher decision-making positions, it is critical to develop good leadership qualities. So if you’re interested in engaging, retaining and promoting your female employees and are committed to guiding them in developing those much needed good leadership qualities, you must help them better align their own career goals with your company’s goals. This alignment, in turn, has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Using our RSM empowerment strategy, a proprietary methodology that potentiates the learning experience, your employees’ knowledge, interests, and style are unleashed. Equipped with this new understanding, women can map out the steps to reach their goals and leverage the correct resources to fulfill this purpose. The heightened engagement with their own careers and your company makes for a strong pipeline of women in future leading roles.

Seldom do I see a leadership development program elicit such passion. It’s a tribute to the methodology they use that women participants feel an immediate sense of career ownership which results in higher engagement and talent retention.

Cristina AlfaroDirector, External Diverse Partnerships Global Inclusion and Community Engagement McDonald’s Corporation

RSM Onsite Program for Leadership Training Format

Ideal to help your employees develop good leadership qualities, the RSM Onsite Program can take place at your company or at a facility of your choice. Perfect for a group of up to 100-120 employees, this leadership training program is customizable for a smaller number of participants. And we’ve seen it work famously well when companies bring clients and employees together!
Typically the RSM Onsite program is delivered in a 4-hour session by RSM’s facilitators. You can also choose our Train the Trainer program were we prepare your staff to conduct unlimited number of RSM Onsite programs in your organization.

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Ready to find out more about bringing the power of RSM Onsite to your employees and potentially your clients?

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