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Leadership Style Quiz: What’s Yours?

You know it’s uncomfortable, so give up trying to emulate the leadership styles of the men in your organization. This leadership style quiz is the first step to freedom!

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Take this leadership style quiz and enter the land of the free. Freedom from imitating leadership styles that do not match who you are. Freedom from continuing to take leadership training or leadership development programs that focus on fitting you into a box. A box that basically erases what makes you different. A box that takes away the unique value you bring to your workplace.

The power of a leadership style quiz

Take this leadership style quiz and discover yours!! Stop trying to emulate the style of the men in your organization! Be you! Amplified!

Take this leadership style quiz and discover yours!! Stop trying to emulate the style of the men in your organization! Be you! Amplified!

Actually, the power of not just any leadership style quiz, but the Red Shoe Movement’s leadership style quiz, is that it was created with women in mind! We want to offer a glimpse into your style that you probably won’t get in traditional leadership training. The quiz will reveal something about your dominant style and also something about other leadership styles that intrigue you. Once you pinpoint your own style, you can easily incorporate elements of other leadership styles when the situation calls for it. Sometimes you can benefit from leadership development or leadership training and at other times, observation alone is enough. The key is to always respect your own style.

Definitions of leadership styles

Women Leaders: Leadership Styles that Play Against Us

Here are the basic definitions of the most commonly identified leadership styles.

Autocratic: This manager makes decisions unilaterally without much input from employees, reflecting the opinions and personality of the manager.

Chaotic: This manager gives employees total control over the decision making process.

Consultative: An autocratic style in which the manager listens to feedback from employees and adjusts when necessary.

Democratic: The manager allows decisions to be made by the majority of employees. Decision-making is slow, but there is more employee buy-in.

Laissez-faire: The manager is a mentor and stimulator, and employees manage their own areas of the business.

Persuasive: An autocratic style in which the manager spends time working with employees to convince them of the benefits of the decision that has been made.

Persuasive leadership style definition. Find out what your style is with this leadership style quiz!

Persuasive leadership style definition

When is leadership development or leadership training useful?

Leadership development can help you recognize and respect your leadership style while remaining flexible enough to adopt certain traits from other styles depending on circumstances. Although successful leaders tend to have a trademark style, they know how to adjust to different situations by applying characteristics of other styles seamlessly. What you want to keep in mind is the difference between this behavior and completely adopting a style that does not fit your personality and core values.

Take the leadership quiz as well to complement the results of this one!

After you take this leadership style quiz and you have a good idea of what your natural leadership style is, it’s time to think about the following:

  • How comfortable do you feel with your style?
  • Are there elements of other leadership styles that you could adopt on an “as needed” basis to be a more effective leader?
  • Is your organization open to different leadership styles or does it favor leadership development or leadership training for future leaders to ensure that they all maintain a similar style?

So let’s get to it. Take the leadership style quiz and share your style via social media to inspire others to assert their own style. (Don’t forget to tag us #RedShoeMove) Nothing will help you grow faster in your career than being true to yourself.

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