It's no stress to dress for success Podcast 109

It’s No Stress to Dress for Success

It’s No Stress to Dress for Success focuses on finding the style that will allow you to project confidence, which in the end, is what will help you get as far as you want in your career. This empowering podcast of the RSM Step Up Program zeroes in on how your clothes should support your goals and not become more memorable than you. It invites you to think about the impact your wardrobe has on creating a perceptions of you.

As you listen to No Stress to Dress for Success you’ll realize that it doesn’t offer the one-size fits all type of advice you’ve probably heard before, but a path to discover how to create a look that favors your figure and your professional objectives. It’s always about you and your circumstances. You and what will help you achieve your goals.

You’ll walk away with a renewed sense of power in your ability to define what dress for success means to you.

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