Step Up Men Podcast

Step Up Men Podcast

Invitation to Executive Men To Come out of the Inclusion Closet

Research shows that executives who are fathers of daughters are great gender inclusion champions. In this podcast we open an invitation to executive men to come out of the inclusion closet, so that those who are strong supporters of equal pay for equal work, stand up and speak up.

There is a large number of men, whether they have daughters or not, and whether they are executives or not, who have supported gender equality for a long time. They are not afraid to recommend women for positions usually offered to men, to invite them to lead meetings or to organize a meeting themselves rather than ask a female colleague to put it together.

And then, there are a lot of men who are interested in leveling the playing field for women but who are not sure how to go about it. What the best ways to influence their environments and change the culture are.

For all of you, we created this Podcast, Invitation to Executive Men to Come out of the Inclusion Closet. To encourage you to equip yourself with research and experience-based best practices that will help your organization be inclusive of 100% of its talent. We talk about creating a flexible policy as the default, extending benefits to men, avoid putting women in situations that force them to be competitive and how your office decoration may be impacting how women perceive their opportunities in the organization.

And, as we believe that nothing is gained unless you actually implement these ideas, Mariela Dabbah, the podcast’s host, offers an exercise at the end of the Podcast to help you put your newly acquired insights into practice.

Whether you already are in an executive rol or not yet, these strategies and tactics will help you lead the way!

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