How to Motivate Employees

If you’re wondering how to motivate employees, you may need to register a group of them to attend our next RSM Signature Event. On November 5th over two hundred women and men came together for our second NYC event at MetLife. With a breathtaking view of Bryant Park and the ice-skating ring twenty three-floors below, participants had an opportunity to experience our proprietary methodology while meeting some impressive professionals from a wide range of industries: from hospitality and transportation to finance, banking, consumer goods, technology and healthcare.

How to motivate employees for the long run

One of the groups of women at the RSM Signature Event at Metlife

One of the groups of women at the RSM Signature Event at Metlife

The RSM Signature event takes place in the evening, so it provides a small taste of how to motivate employees for the long run. It creates an environment where everyone feels they have something important to contribute, where rank and seniority are not the most valued currency. Taking part in two rounds of discussion topics of about thirty people, younger, less experienced attendees have the same chance as their elders to share their knowledge and have a place at a table. And when, inevitably, someone attempts to dismiss a younger voice, the group resolves the conflict by sticking to the spirit of the meeting: “I’m playing the role of expert in this round, and I am a Millennial, so I know what I’m talking about.”  And so the conversation continues organically as many participants have questions for which they are seeking real answers, and they are not about to waste time with someone who’s holding to an old belief.

The truth is that the lasting feeling of empowerment women feel at the event has more to do with what they discover within themselves than any particular information they learn. It’s about them realizing something about their “inner red shoe:” what they bring to the table, their own aspirations, passions, and abilities.

It’s this internal shift that offers women a glimpse of their real selves, an awareness of who they are and what they have to offer. That’s the glow you see when they come to work the next day. That renewed sense of purpose and meaning that elicits an unprecedented level of engagement with their careers. This is the seed that our program plants in participants and that we continue to nurture through our RSM Onsite and RSM Circles programs in order to motivate your employees for the long run.


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