Give up Trying to Be Perefect Podcast 102 of the RSM Step Up Program

Give up Trying to Be Perefect Podcast 102 of the RSM Step Up Program

Give Up Trying to Be Perfect

There’s a societal pressure for women to be perfect that makes most women unhappy and often times even depressed. Whether it’s a mom staying home with her kids or a career woman trying to balance work and family life, the stress from trying to achieve perfection can be unbearable. Where does it stem from and how can you shake it off to feel happier and more fulfilled with your decisions? That’s what we explore in “Give Up Trying to Be Perfect.” A podcast that gives you permission to be imperfect. To give up trying to balance two aspects of your life that are unlikely to ever be perfectly balanced.

It’s time that you stop putting pressure on yourself (and possibly contributing to putting pressure on other women as well) and to claim your right to design a life that fits your needs. It’s time to stop following blindly societal and familial mandates that demand that you be perfect at all times. (This, even when the role of women has changed many decades ago and it’s clearly impossible to continue doing what we used to do plus be successful at our full time jobs.)

It’s time to redefine what makes you happy and go for it. Believe it or not, giving up trying to be perfect is the key that can open all those doors in front of you. One simple shift in your thinking. One simple commitment to yourself.

Listen to “Give Up Trying to Be Perfect” and be lifted to a new level of bliss.


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