Find Your Inner Red Shoes Cover Mariela Dabbah

Find Your Inner Red Shoe Book Launch

Friday June 28th, 2013
at McNally Jackson Bookstore

52 Prince Street (and Mulberry)

At the launch event of Mariela Dabbah’s award winning book, Find Your Inner Red Shoes: Step into Your Own Style of Success, women received a sneak preview of one of the book’s core messages – success is whatever works for you! It’s all about the journey not the destination, and once you start seeing success through that lens you will be liberated. All too often women chain themselves to external expectations and follow a path that is not their own.

Finding your inner red shoes empowers women to look within, define what they want for themselves and walk confidently in that direction. Their red shoes, whether playful pumps or sophisticated flats, act as signals letting the world know they are women empowered, moving forward in their journey in a way that works for them, and along the way offering support to fellow women who cross their path.

Find Your Inner Red Shoes, and its Spanish version (Poder de Mujer) which sparked the launch of the Red Shoe Movement highlight that your network is also critical to your journey. You might be asking why is that? Well, think about your most recent source of information for something you were looking for or interested in getting more information on. More than likely the information you received came from someone in your network. Referral is powerful and having a solid network of women and men in your life that can support you in your career is invaluable.

Photos from the book launch event

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