Ready to ask about your blind spot?

An Alternative and Informal Way to Johari’s Window: Discover your Blind Spots

Being aware of your blind spots is always useful. But to grow…
The picture used to illustrate the article we discuss here reflects an unconscious bias and it contradicts the advice in the article.

Example of Unconscious Bias in Action: What’s wrong with this picture?

Take a quick look at this image. What does it represent to you?…
Sylvia Acevedo went from rocket scientist to CEO of one of the most beloved American organizations.

Sylvia Acevedo: From NASA to CEO, Girl Scouts

Sylvia Acevedo started off her career as a rocket scientist at…
Kees Roks leads by example

Kees Roks, servant leader, leads by example

Kees Roks, Head Region Europe at Novartis Oncology, has been…
Lisa Wang is leveling the playing field for female entrepreneurs.

Lisa Wang Levels Playing Field in Investment Capital

Lisa Wang has an unusual background. A former USA National Champion…
Scott Scherr inspires his team daily with his strong, inclusive vision.

CEO Scott Scherr Leads Inclusion in Tech

A tech company that truly puts People First is not a glitch.…
Cynthia Hudson is an example of how far you can get in your career when you do what you love.

Cynthia Hudson Moving the Needle Inside the Newsroom

She's one of the most influential women in Spanish media. Cynthia…
Ultimate Software Ring the Bell

Ultimate Software, a Tech Company Ahead of the Rest

Ultimate Software, a company that provides Human Resources solutions,…
On International Women's Day 2019 join our conversation using #GenderBell #IWD2019 #IWDleader

On International Women’s Day 2019 We Ring the Bell on the 7 Seas

International Women’s Day 2019 is an important day for organizations…
Iris Bohnet sharing about gender equality by design

Iris Bohnet Promotes Changing Design Over Mindsets

Iris Bohnet, is the Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government,…
Female Leadership Conference unlique any other

A Female Leadership Conference Unlike Any Other!

It's an experience. We aim for guests to leave with a sense of…
Leadership legacy is about details + values

Leadership legacy: a journey built on details and values

When your leadership legacy is a 130,000-ton cruise-ship that…
RSM Signature tie collection with Ampersand by Cyberoptix

It’s Easier than Ever for Male Allies to Make a Statement

#RedTieTuesday Has Arrived Starting now, it’s become easier…
Cynthia Hudson, SVP, GM CNNE and Mariela Dabbah, CEO Red Shoe Movement

5 Tips to Stay Cool Under Pressure When Things Don’t Go as Planned

What happens when the worst November snowstorm in history hits…
Become part of a larger community to inspire your talent to own their careers and support each other's growth.

4 Key Diversity & Inclusion Strategies from Leading Companies

Looking for truly effective strategies to take your organization…