10 things to do during the quarantine

10 Things you Can Do to Stay Sane During the Quarantine

If you want to remain sane during the quarantine, when you’re…
Alison Davis- Blake inspirational quote

Inclusion: Pushing for Real Results in Academia

If there’s someone pushing for real results in diversity and…
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Closing the Gender Gap at Sea: The Celebrity Cruises Team

Celebrity Cruises has been making history for years, creating…
Cesar Cernuda inspirational quote

Cesar Cernuda: Dissolving the glass ceiling fostering full inclusion

Cesar Cernuda’s role as President at Microsoft Latin America…
Grab the Bell for Gender Equality - The RSM 20/20 Bell

2020 Perfect Vision on Gender Equality

The year is 2020. The time is now to make gender equality a reality.…
How to get more girls into STEM fields. Photo Credit: Emma Matthews. Digital Content Production- Unsplash

How to get more girls into STEM & keep them in tech careers

For the last few years there’s been an increased focus on how…
Tearing down inclusion barriers. Photo Credit: Brooke Cagle Unsplash

Tearing Down Inclusion Barriers in the Workplace to Narrow the Gender Gap in Tech

One of the biggest challenges the tech world currently faces…
Aric Dromi speaks about how to design the future. Photo Credit Owen Beard. Unsplash

Aric Dromi Helps Design the Future We Wish to Live In

Aric Dromi is a keynote speaker, futurologist, digital philosopher…
Working from Home. Photo Credit Andrew Neel. Unsplash

8 Ideas to Make the Most Out of Working from Home

It’s not for everyone. I’ve met people who look at me in…
Ask what you can do for your planet Markus Spiske

Greta Thunberg and the rise of powerful young female voices

A teenage environmentalist becoming TIME’s Person of the Year…
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How aligned are your aspirations with your career? Your success depends on it!

Stop whatever you're doing. Ask yourself this question: How aligned…
Do less and achieve more

4 Steps to do less and achieve more to feel better

I’ve spent many years working long days and weekends building…
Rising tide lifts all boats Building Alliances

Beyond networking: Building Alliances

Most everyone knows the power of building and maintaining a network…
How to overcome anxiety inside and outside work

How to overcome anxiety inside and outside of work

We live at a time when anxiety is one of the most common disorders.…
Adjusting to our elderly parents needs

Elderly parents: The one thing that works for me

As women, one of the roles most of us face at some point in our…