Be a great leader in difficult times

Be a great leader in difficult times and expand your influence

In times of social, political or economic uncertainty, everyone…
#WomensMarch January 21 2017 in NYC

#WomensMarch: When Words Create Realities You Can't Ignore

If you didn’t know there was a #WomensMarch in Washington DC…
Making proper introductions is a great way to shine the light on another person.

Ace Proper Introductions with the Best Kept Insights

If you’re serious about building your personal brand, learning…
Giving constructive feedback

How to give constructive feedback to a colleague effectively

As a Human Resources Executive, people frequently ask me: How…
Successful networkers always find ways to support the people in their networks!

3 Networking Strategies Shy Professionals Can't Miss

No matter how you slice it, your career health depends on your…

RSM Mutual Mentoring Circles— The Secret of Our Success

I believe that everyone has something to teach and something…
The perfect dress for work and play

Dresses for work: 3 fashionable options that will surprise you!

Tired of wearing the same boring outfits to the office? Time…
Self-promotion is strongly anchored in your personal brand

Art of Self-Promotion – Principles, Strategies & Your Script

The art of self-promotion, is essential for success. Find out…
Cultural diversity at work

Cultural Diversity at Work: How Things Are Changing

Cultural diversity at work has become a battleground for innovation…
Sergio Kaufman, Country Managing Director and Leader of Hispanic South America, Accenture, is a strong proponent of verbalizing the inclusion and diversity priorities of an organization.

Sergio Kaufman of Accenture, leading the way in female leadership

For a CEO, Sergio Kaufman is as easy going as it gets. He's an…
In a male dominated occupation, Kate McCue is queen!

In Male Dominated Occupation Captain Kate is Queen

Kate McCue is the first female American Captain of a mega ship.…
Michelle Obama has a very recognizable brand. Is yours as memorable?

Your personal brand already exists. Are you aware of it?

When I ask the members of our Step Up Plus program “what is…
From a young age girls hear compliments about their appearance. Do you ever stop to think how that affects them later in life?

Is flattery interfering with your career goals? This story is a wake up call!

If flattery can get a millionaire man to completely change his…
Women are ideally suited to negotiate anything

5 Secrets to Negotiate Anything You Can’t Ignore

Do your knees shake, your pulse fastens, your hands sweat when…
The meaning of the red shoes for the Red Shoe Movement

Meaning of the Red Shoes for The Red Shoe Movement

Would you like to know the meaning of the red shoes for the Red…