RSM Step Up Program Podcast 100

RSM Step Up Program Podcast 100

Creating Your Own Path

Believe it or not, many things were decided for you before you were even born. Your religion, your socioeconomic level, your values, the expectations your family and ancestors pass down to you and much more. These group of decisions along with behaviors, attitudes, and all kinds of messages (verbal and non-verbal) you see, hear, and experience growing up are called predeterminations. Also known as subconscious mandates, they play in the back of your mind and influence many of the decisions you make in your life. As a matter of fact, the best way to have a fulfilling career is to unveil those old mandates.  (Keep in mind that when we refer to mandates they are not positive or negative. They just are.) Being aware of how they function can help you in creating your own path.

This podcast, Creating Your Own Path, will help you uncover the mechanism by which predeterminations may be affecting your career path and the level of satisfaction you derive from your work. It is only by changing the “DJ” that plays in the back of your mind 24/7 that you gain control over your decisions. It is only by replacing the old messages that no longer work for you for other more appropriate ones that align with your current and future goals, that you’ll be creating your own path.

Creating your own path is the beginning of a fulfilling professional journey. Is the first step to free yourself from what may be interfering with your desire to soar. To embark in an exciting new stage in your career.

Let’s look into creating your own path so you can get going wherever your dreams take you.

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