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Empowering Women: Asking Tough Questions

Even the best intentions sometimes fall short. This is often the case when it comes to empowering women. There are plenty of programs out there focused on empowering women that unwittingly play against their own missions.  Just recently, one of my clients brought into her company a three-day training program where participants where repeatedly told […]

Want to Develop Effective Female Leaders? Turn on the Executive Leadership Switch

Qualities of successful female leaders Whenever the question comes up of what are the most common qualities of a leader research seems to agree with one particular trait: Internal locus of control. In other words, most successful female leaders share the notion that they can exert control over their circumstances rather than being controlled by […]

Managing Generation Y in the Workplace: How Can Managers Motivate Their Employees?

When it comes to managing Generation Y in the Workplace (Millennials), one of the most frequently asked questions is: How can managers motivate their employees? —These young, hyper-connected, multi-screened, don’t-want-to-pay-my-dues employees who share the workspace (when they agree to come to the office) with older generations. Funny enough I don’t seem to have a problem […]

Managing a Culturally Diverse Workforce

Benefits of a Diverse Workplace The evidence is all around us: The U.S. has become a multicultural society (35% of the population is now non-white), making it imperative to succeed at managing a culturally diverse workforce. Perhaps this is not news for you and you are already implementing a well-thought out diversity and inclusion (D&I) […]

Racial Discrimination: Why #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen Isn’t So Black or White

If you are on Twitter you might have noticed the hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen and  if you’re thinking it might have something to do with discrimination against women or racial discrimination you’re on the right track. Many people have taken this hashtag to shed light on various aspects of discrimination, yet many of us are still wondering […]