Angelina Paris - NYC

Bonjour New York — Our Story:

Angelina Paris has been our de-facto office for a couple of years. Their unbelievable French food, pastries and service paired with their mid-town location, next to Bryant Park – New York, made them the perfect destination for our team. 

It was only natural that they became our partner to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary, at the annual Red Shoe Movement Signature Event at MetLife. The red meringue cake they created for the occasion and their famous hot chocolate, definitely put a smile on everyone’s faces that day.

Now they have become a #RedShoeTuesdayDestination so that you get to experience this cozy location, ideal at any time of the day for a coffee/hot chocolate break with a pastry, or for a French lunch with friends, colleagues or clients.  —

Their surprise for you:

Every first Tuesday of the month, when you visit Angelina’s tearoom from 4:00 – 6:00 PM, you will get a 10% discount. While you’re there keep your eyes open in case their incredible pastry chef, Noemi, walks by. You may also say hello to Sandra, the store manager or Anthony, the Chief Operating Officer, an all hands-on team that will always exceed your expectations.

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