Step Up Men Podcast

Step Up Men Podcast

3 Ways to Ensure Gender Inclusion Is a Top Priority in Your Organization

This podcast focuses on what men can do to make sure their organization is not just paying lip service to gender inclusion. Because here’s the problem: If your company is not really serious about this topic, you will pay dearly in loss of top talent and loss of reputation with your customers. It’s no longer possible to live a duplicitous corporate life where you pride yourself on all you’re doing to advance gender inclusion in the workplace, while your employees leave for greener pastures. Sooner or later (and it’s happening rather sooner than later), the word gets out. The current generation of consumers are holding corporations’ feet to the fire more than ever before, demanding that they fulfill their promises — or else they’ll spend their dollars with someone else who does.

We’ll tackle 3 Ways to Ensure Gender Inclusion Is a Top Priority in Your Organization:

Only establishing leadership development programas if you can offer opportunities for your team once they finish such programs.

Unfortunately even companies that are devoting resources to provide training programs for their associates are guilty of not offering a clear career path once those women are ready for the next step. Seen from the perspective of someone who invested her effort and limited time to complete a training program, it can be extremely frustrating.

And while it is possible that don’t have 200 positions available at the moment that a group of employees concludes a training program, there are many ways to channel their enthusiasm and desire to grow.

Review unconscious biases that might be affecting your female talent’s path to the very top.

We’ve been talking about unconscious biases for what seems like an eternity. And yet, we are still in the infancy of using it as solid research that informs organizations’ decisions. We tell you how to identify those pesky biases that get in the way of career success.

Get the top stakeholders’ buy-in for all inclusion strategies and hold them accountable.

If you want real change, it must come from the top and permeate the entire organization. We share the benefits of pushing for gender inclusion.

At the end of this podcast 3 Ways to Ensure Gender Inclusion Is a Top Priority in Your Organization we give you an exercise to put into practice what you learned. Ready? Let’s do this!


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