Step Up Men Podcast

Step Up Men Podcast

10 Simple Inclusion Behaviors Men Can Try Today – Podcast M103

It’s been proven that when organizations have more women on their boards and in leadership positions, they perform better. The more inclusive companies are, the more they experience better financial results, lower turnoversincreased innovation, better problem solving and enhanced company reputation, among other benefits.

Ignoring these facts will likely impact your company’s bottom line in the near future. So whether you’re ready to impact your own square yard or your own square mile, there are simple, practical behaviors you can implement immediately.

There are many male champions who are really motivated to help level the playing field in their organizations yet they don’t know how to do it effectively. So we created this podcast to offer 10 simple inclusion behaviors men can try today! And you can start right after you finish listening to this podcast.

Several of these ideas come from global client organizations that are rolling up their sleeves and changing their cultures to level the playing field for 100% of their talent. And when ideas come straight from practitioners who get involved with solutions, you know they work because they’ve tried them out. From how you run your organization to how you publicize your products or services, from how you behave individually towards your female colleagues to advocating for equal opportunities and rights openly. Our 10 suggestions go from simple actions you can do yourself to larger initiatives you can promote across your company, which gives you great exposure as you’d be in the minority of men who take on this topic head on.

As usual, we provide a specific exercise you can do when you finish the podcast so you can put into practice what you learned. Nothing really changes unless you change. So, let’s get started!

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