What is success for you? Discover it!

Many of us grow up thinking that success is a destination to which you should aspire. We spend our entire lives running after an elusive goal that feels like a moving target. That’s not really success, says Mariela Dabbah, the renowned expert who’s been working on professional development and empowerment issues for Latinos for over 18 years.

In Find your Inner Red Shoes, Mariela teaches us that success is more a journey than a destination and that it is along this journey that we’ll find personal satisfaction.

Based on her own experience, the experience of dozens of successful women she interviewed, and extensive research, Mariela offers concrete advice and practical tools that will help you reach your maximum potential. Throughout these pages you will identify your strengths and the areas in which you might need to make some adjustments. With a lot of common sense and a great dose of inspiration, Mariela guides you in the process of discovering who you are to tailor your own success.