Michelle Obama has a very recognizable brand. Is yours as memorable?

Your personal brand already exists. Are you aware of it?

When I ask the members of our Step Up Plus program “what is…
From a young age girls hear compliments about their appearance. Do you ever stop to think how that affects them later in life?

Is flattery interfering with your career goals? This story is a wake up call!

If flattery can get a millionaire man to completely change his…
Women are ideally suited to negotiate anything

5 Secrets to Negotiate Anything You Can’t Ignore

Do your knees shake, your pulse fastens, your hands sweat when…
The meaning of the red shoes for the Red Shoe Movement

Meaning of the Red Shoes for The Red Shoe Movement

Would you like to know the meaning of the red shoes for the Red…
Cora black clutch

Innovative packaging helps manage women’s periods at work

Cora has designed a chic and smart packaging to help manage…
Definition of perfumer - One that makes or sells perfumes

Skills and Talents of Pianist Make for Great Perfumer

So many of us grew up thinking that you need to have specific…
Business Casual clothes and accesories in red and white

Women Dress Code Decoded, Business Casual Dos and Don’ts

When the invite for that office activity requires “Business…
5 strategies to expand your network effortlessly

Expand Your Network Effortlessly with 5 Winning Strategies

If you ask me, "expand your network" is the one answer that applies…
Resilience is a quality of materials that return to their shape

What is resilience? Its role in your career

How many times did you run into people who have experienced the…

Climbing the ladder: What women don't know

Why aren’t more women climbing the ladder at corporations and…
Networking for business at a party

Networking for Business: A Year-Round Sport

If you only conceive networking for business as mingling among similarly…
You may have more than one passion at a time and each one may last a lifetime or a short time. Regardless, they'll always make your life more interesting and worthwhile.

I find my passion in the most unexpected places

The story of a woman surgeon, woodworker & sailor “I'm…
In the picture, Andrea Campero and a colleague chatting during a recent Red Shoe Movement

Cross Cultural Mentoring: Mentoring 2.0!

Cross cultural mentoring relationships offer unique opportunities…
The #ILookLikeASurgeon movement is changing the face (and feet!) of this male dominated field.

Women mentors: A group of surgeons like no other

In a heavily male dominated field like surgery, women mentors…
Women mentoring each other

Finding a Mentor to Propel Your Career Forward

If you are the first in your family to go to college or to work…